Super Packages

Our Treatment

Complete Health Makeover

  • Our clients have noticed immediate relieve from symptoms.
  • Long standing chronic conditions are ‘peeled back’ like ‘layers of an onion’ and treated from the inside out.
  • Emotional support and advice is offered throughout each healing process.
  • Our main mission is to not just alleviate our clients symptoms but to heal permanently.
  • We understand that body mind and soul is deeply connected and therefor this important concept is taken into account in our Complete Health Makeover.
  • Our close relationship with all our clients enables us to give longstanding support as healing can be very tough if one is by oneself.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A one to one teaching and training session. An Implementation of the Emotional Freedom Technique. Most effective to be done in a Skype session, where We will teach you how to apply EFT on yourself.


Homoeopathy is a true science that involves years of study by professional teachers! More than often people order a Homoeopathic Remedy over the Internet, or have it prescribed by an untrained Health practitioner that might know a little
about Homoeopathy but not enough to accurately prescribe it! Well, this is NOT the case with our Establishment. Only fully trained experienced Homoeopaths will be dealing with your case! This knowledge and assurance is very important for your Complete Health
Makeover to be successful. You can Trust in us!

Hair Analysis

Photon Resonance is an accurate way to measure and read levels of Toxins, Allergies,
Meridians, Food Vitalities and much more. For any Complete Health Makeover to be highly effective we strongly suggest starting with a thorough Hair Analysis! And it’s made so easy for you! All you have to do is cut a few strands of your hair close to the roots, put the Hair into an envelope and send it to us.

What Our Customers Says ?

5 stars, highly recommend this homeopathy site to others

I feel great, I didn’t really do homeopathy before. This was a first, Thanks to Beate my energy level is revived

Thanks, Complete health makeover, my allergies are all gone. Great service and the products actually worked. Tha =) xo