Dear visitor, my name is Beate and I have been in the Health and Wellness Industry for over 25 years. As my health declined in my early twenties, with strong physical as well as emotional problems I had little results to recover from my maladies via the methods that had been offered to me then.  This embarked in an intense study with an eventual full recovery! I understood that to truly heal ourselves, we must look at ourselves as a complex being. Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected, and one will affect the other! I have studied many healing modalities and have assembled the most effective Systems on today’s market, for you to truly heal yourself!

Who We Are

Complete Health Makeover is a well established treatment and prevention system. The modules have been carefully selected to in-cooperate the best elements needed for a Complete Health Makeover.

Located in New Zealand since 2002, we are now in Germany.!

Our great concept brings life changing and permanent results to most health conditions. Due to high demand and for your convenience we now offer online service and consultancy with great results.

Emotional Freedom Technique

A one to one EFT training session . The implementation and teaching of the Emotional Freedom Technique. This virtual video session will bring healing into your home! Tap while you heal! Super effective, life lasting results!


Powerful energy medicine carefully assembled for you by our fully trained experienced Homeopaths! A must have for a Complete Health Makeover

Hair Analysis

An accurate way to measure and read levels of Toxins, Allergies, Meridians, Food aggravations, Organ and Organ Systems, Vitality and Stress, only to name a few.

Health Coach

A Health Coach will give you the professional guidance needed for your Complete Health Makeover! With refreshing new strategies positive changes can be achieved! A vibrant, and successful new you on its way!

Animal Homeopathy

Animals react extremely well to all homeopathic treatments. We offer a variety of treatments for your pets, dairy cows and other farm animals. This is especially important for organic livestock holders! Please email us the symptoms and we assemble a remedy according to your animals need! Ask us about our plant remedies!

We Heal