Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach


Your Nutrition Coach will arrange a conversation with you via Whats-app or Signal for your first consultation. A questionnaire will be send to you via email,. Please fill it out and return it to your coach. Once a week you will talk to your coach, he will write you a nutrition plan that is based on vegan diet with supplements and herbs as well as links to great recipes.

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Your Personal Nutrition Coach  is a ‘new age’ based system that will give you personal weekly attention. Apart from daily diet plans, you also receive links to shop for certain foods online as well as being directed to our cooking videos. Herbal and nutritional supplements will be included in the coaching and personal questions and concerns will be answered

A vegan based diet is healing most of today’s ailments. Having a vegan diet is indeed a science, and truly a first step to great health. We are here to give you the coaching you need, to achieve your nutritional goals and to accelerate your results for your Complete Health Makeover! We in cooperate different types of diet research, and understand the many types of diets offered in todays market. Your dietary Hair Analysis will assist us in giving you the nutrition you need!